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Bill Lawson Publications

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Bill and Chris Lawson are engaged in writing and publishing books which reflect the Hebridean scene and are the product of their genealogical research centre at Co Leis Thu? on the Isle of Harris. The books come in four series: Croft Histories, Historical Sites, Genealogical Sourcebooks, and Tales.

The genealogical research service Co Leis Thu? welcomes enquiries from those needing help with tracing their Hebridean ancestry. Further details are available on request to the contact address below.

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Part 1: Croft Histories (pages 1 to 3)

The Croft History volumes are each a detailed genealogical record of an area croft by croft, some illustrated with old photographs, and with a word-picture description of that area as it was within living memory.

Part 2: Genealogical Sourcebooks (page 5)

The Genealogical Sourcebooks are much more than just researchers tools. All interested in local history find them valuable. Their titles indicate their scope and each draws heavily on hitherto unpublished research by "Co Leis Thu?".'

Part 3: Tales in Gaelic and English (page 6)

The bilingual Tales series are simply written little stories, some humurous some serious, of the people and events of the locality, illustrated with old photographs. A selection in Gaelic from each book is available on cassette.

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