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Family History Partnership

Family History Partnership

About Us

The Family History Partnership is a new company formed in 2007 to publish titles from some of the leading authors in the field. The aim of the Partnership is to ensure that family and local historians are provided with the handbooks and guides that they need. We wish to provide authors with a new route to get their books into print and welcome proposals from new and existing authors. We want the partnership to be recognised as just that - a partnership that exists for everyone involved in the genealogical book world. We want to involve printers, publishers, booksellers, librarians, authors, and, not least, everyone who wants to trace their family history.

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Part 1: General (page 1)

Part 2: Gibson Guides (page 2)

Part 3: Basic Facts Series (page 3)

Part 4: Introductions Series (page 4)

Part 5: Family History on the Web (page 5)

Part 6: Military Interests (page 6)

Part 7: Occupations (page 7)

Part 8: Raymonds County Bibliographies and Library Guides (page 8)

Part 9: Raymonds Facsimile Original Pollbooks and Electoral Registers (page 9)

Part 10: My Ancestor series (page 10)

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