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Bristol Municipal Burial Registers Volume 1. Greenbank 1871-1991

Physical: £ 5.00
   + P&P
Download: £ 7.00

Bristol Municipal Burial Registers Volume 1. Greenbank 1871-1991 - Click for large image
A new CD of Bristol Municipal burial registers held by Canford Crematorium covering burials at Greenbank cemetery, 1871-1991 (from 1991 onwards, all cemetery record keeping is computer based). Available as a CD and a downloadable PDF file.

Containing approx 108,000 records with bookmarked surname and chronological indexes.
The following information is included:

  • Surname
  • Forename
  • Burial Date
  • Parish/District
  • Gender
  • Age at Death
  • Death Date
  • Register Number
  • Entry Number
  • Additional Notes
plus a comprehensive set of introductory notes.

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To purchase the downloadable PDF file, click the "Download" shopping cart.

Supplied by: Bristol and Avon Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: BST- BACD26

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Dwelly's Parish Records Volumes 1 & 2.

Physical: £ 14.00

Free P&P!

Download: £ 7.00

Dwelly's Parish Records Volumes 1 & 2. - Click for large image
Published in 1913 & 14.
Transcripts of the most fragile portions of the Bishop's Transcripts (parish register copies) at the Diocesan Registry at Wells, Somerset.
Dwelly's transcripts are a series of volumes compiled with the object of preserving parish registers, monumental inscriptions and similar local records.
Useful for family historians with Somerset ancestors.
Machine Searchable.
A digital version of the original book, in PDF format.
Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Supplied by: Anguline Research Archives
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: ARA-240

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Eton Union and Registration District Workhouse Deaths 1848-1900 & Burnham Sub District Infant Deaths 1879-1885

£ 4.00
   + P&P
This booklet contains three of the many records from those created by the Eton Poor Law Union. The first two are registers of deaths in the Workhouse between 1848 and 1900. Each entry contains the date of death, the name of the deceased (where known), age and parish to which chargeable. Most records also contain the place of burial or the fact that the corpse was removed by a relative. Very occasionally the name of the relative has been included. The third record is a register of all deaths of infants under one year of age in the Sub District of Burnham within the Eton Registration District between 1879 and 1885. It includes the child's name, age and date of death, together with the name of the child's parent, their residence and occupation. The Eton Poor Law Union was formed in 1835 and initially comprised the parishes of Burnham, Datchet, Denham, Dorney, Eton, Farnham Royal, Fulmer, Hedgerley, Hitcham, Horton, Iver, Langley Marish, Stoke Poges, Taplow, Upton cum Chalvey, Wexham and Wraysbury, all in Buckinghamshire. In 1894 the newly created parishes of Eton Wick and Slough were added and these were joined in 1895 by the newly created parish of Gerrards Cross. Eton Registration District was created in 1837 with the introduction of Civil Registration, the area it covered being the same as that of Eton Poor Law Union.

Supplied by: Eureka Partnership
Format: Booklet
Ref: EUR-024

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Holbeach Parish Register

Physical: £ 8.95
   + P&P
Download: £ 2.50

The Holbeach Parish Register of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials was the work of the Reverend Grant W. MacDonald, Vicar of St. Mark s, Holbeach. It was first published in 1892. It covers Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from the "missing" parish registers of 1606 and 1615 to 1640. It also contains a paper about the registers which was read before the Spalding Gentleman s Society in 1891, notes from local wills, the pedigree of Dr. William Stukeley, local landowners and a great many more miscellaneous records. This CD contains a reproduction of the complete publication. Searchable PDF.

Supplied by: Parish History
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: BIB-LIN-032

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Manchester, St.Mary's RC Church, Mulberry Street

£ 10.00
   + P&P
Manchester, St.Mary's RC Church, Mulberry Street - Click for large image
  • Baptisms : 1794-1812, 1812-1819, 1820-1831, 1832-1841 & 1842-50
  • Marriages : 1831-1836
  • Burials : 1816-1825 & 1832-1837
  • plus a List of Parents, extracted from the Baptism Registers

St.Mary's is the oldest existing Catholic Church in Manchester and Salford. The Manchester Mission first began in 1773, in a room in Roman Entry (off High St.). In 1776, it moved to Rook Street Chapel (off Market St.). The Mission finally moved, in 1794, to Mulberry Street and remained on the same site, as a functioning parish church, to the present day. The Registers have been fully transcribed and, with the exception of the Marriages, are presented in Surname sorted order in searchable PDF format.

Baptisms are contiguous from 1794 to 1850

The Burial ground is under the floor of the church (now sealed). The Registers have a seven year gap, with a further 18-month break within the second register

Legal marriages were not permitted here until 1837, but the Register records the Sacrament of Marriage for a five year period. In the absence of a full Marriage Register, there is a list of Parents, extracted from the five Baptism Registers and presented as two (father & mother) surname sorted tables with the child's Baptism date to help fix a time frame. Also the parents list is supplied as an unformatted (CSV) text file, which may be copied into a spreadsheet for personal analysis. The Clergy are listed, with the date of their first appearance in a register

Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: DVD
Ref: CAT-D-013

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Surrey Parish Records (PRS1) Banstead 1547-1789

£ 9.95
   + P&P
This CD allows you to browse and search pages from Banstead Parish Registers 1547-1789 (Originally published by The Parish Register Society 1896. Includes Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.

*Digitally enhanced images of the original text
*Searchable text
*Bookmarked by major headings
*Fully printable

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Ref: SNG-535

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Surrey Parish Records (PRS37) Morden 1634-1812

£ 9.95
   + P&P
Registers of Morden 1634-1812 (Baptisms, marriages and burials) (Originally published by Parish Register Society, 1901)Searchable Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths.

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Ref: SNG-536

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Surrey Parish Records Extra Volume 1 - Merstham

£ 9.95
   + P&P
Parish registers of Merstham 1538-1812 (Originally published by Surrey Parish Register Society, 1914)Searchable Baptisms, Christenings, Marriages and Deaths.

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Ref: SNG-534

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The Surrey Burial Index (Non-Metropolitan Parishes) (2nd Edition November 2009)

£ 15.00
   + P&P
The Surrey Burial Index (Non-Metropolitan Parishes) (2nd Edition November 2009) - Click for large image
THE SURREY BURIAL INDEX, compiled by Alan Benny, includes 575,500 burials and covers the period from the start of each Parish Register, mostly up to 1865 (some later) for ALL ANCIENT parishes and many "modern" parishes (created after 1837) in RURAL SURREY. In addition to parish burials the index includes Dorking Cemetery records up to 1999, Godalming (Nightingale) Cemetery records up to 1998 and Godalming (Eashing) Cemetery records to 2003. Also, there are separate full transcription and indexes to Dorking Cemetery to 1950, Eashing to 1953 and Nightingale to 1955. Entries from more that 30 non-conformist Registers within the county.

Abinger 1559-1876, Addington 1559-1865, Addlestone 1838-1865, Albury 1559-1913, Alfold 1587 & 1658-1900, Ash 1548-1900, Ashford(Ex-Middlesex)1699-1706&1760-1870, Ashtead 1662-1875, Bagshot 1838-1879, Banstead 1548-1866, Barnes 1538-1865, Beddington 1538-1865, Betchworth 1653-1865, Bisley 1561-1876, Bletchingley 1538-1866, Blindley Heath 1843-1867, Botley & Lyne 1849-1866, Bramley 1676-1887, Brixton Hill Union Chapel 1834-1837, Buckland 1560-1867, Burpham 1859-1866, Burstow 1547-1866, Byfleet 1728-1865, Camberley 1851-1865 & 1875-1903, Capel 1653-1901, Carshalton 1699-1865(Excluding1538-1698), Caterham 1543-1896, Chaldon 1568-1958, Charlwood Union Chapel 1823-1835, Charlwood 1595-1865, Cheam 1538-1866, Chelsham 1680-1868, Chertsey 1607-1888, Chertsey Dissenters 1841-65, Chertsey Presbyterian 1783-1837, Chessington 1656-1876, Chiddingfold 1563-1901, Chipstead 1656-1866, Chobham Baptist Church 1824, Chobham 1587, 1588, 1654-1870, Claygate 1841-1865, Cobham 1562-1865, Cobham Independent Chapel 1877-1884, Coldharbour 1848-1877, Compton 1639-1875, Coulsdon 1655-1865, Cranleigh 1609-1900, Crowhurst 1576-1882, Croydon All Saints 1830-1840, Croydon Christ Church 1853-1867, Croydon (St John The Baptist)1538-1852, Croydon Queens Road Cemetery 1861-1865, Croydon George Street Chapel 1832, Croydon St James 1829-1865, Croydon North End Methodist 1837-1848, Croydon Northend Wesley 1830-1837, Croydon St Peter 1852-1865, Dorking 1538-1865, Dorking Municipal Cemetery 1855-1999, Dorking Workhouse Deaths 1848-1878, Dorking, West Street Chapel, 1730-1855, Lingfield Dormansland Baptist Chapel 1841-1866, Dunsfold 1628-1875, East Clandon 1558-1879, East Horsley 1666-1865, East Molesey 1681-1892, Effingham Surey 1565-1865, Egham 1592-1865, Elstead 1543-1876, Epsom St. Martin 1695-1865, Epsom Workhouse Deaths 1838-1889, Epsom Church St Chapel 1829-1836, Epsom Little Chapel 1807, Esher 1678-1865, Ewell 1608-1865, Ewhurst 1616-1876, Farleigh 1678-1865, Farncombe 1850-1865, Farnham Ebenezer Chapel 1827-1836, Farnham St Andrew 1539-1865, Fetcham 1562-1878, Frensham 1648-1865, Frimley 1606-1865, Gatton 1600-1883, Godalming Harts Lane Chapel 1786-1828, Godalming Independent Chapel 1827-1828, Godalming 1583-1880(plus several to1948), Godalming Eashing Municipal 1900-2003, Godalming Municipal Cemetery At Nightingale Road 1857-1998, Godstone 1662-1865, Grafham 1863-1882, Great Bookham 1632-1876, Guildford Independent Chapel Deaths 1708-1772, Guildford Holy Trinity, 1558-1865, Guildford St Mary 1540-1865, Guildford St Nicolas 1561-1865, Hale 1845-1865, Ham 1838-1865, Hambledon 1587 1617-1865, Hascombe 1659-1865, Haslemere Independent Chapel 1886-1896, Haslemere Independent Meeting House Deaths 1808-1824, Haslemere 1573-1865, Hatchford 1862-1895, Headley 1663-1865, Hersham 1851-1865, North Holmwood 1838-1875, Hook 1839-1865, Horley 1578-1865, Horne 1614-1888, Horsell 1587-1869, Kew 1714-1840 & 1845-1865, Kingston Heather Street Chapel 1802-1855, Kingston Particular Baptist Chapel 1799-1837, Kingston 1542-1840, Kingswood 1853-1865, Leatherhead 1656-1865, Leigh 1579-1866, Limpsfield 1540-1865, Lingfield 1561-1865, Little Bookham 1587-1869, Littleton (Ex Middlesex) 1852-1867, Longcross 1848-1990, Long Ditton 1566-1865, Malden 1678-1865, Merrow 1536-1865, Merstham 1541-1865, Merton 1559-1865, Mickleham, , 1549-1865, Milford 1855-1877, Mitcham Independent Chapel 1864-1876, Mitcham 1563-1865, Morden 1634-1865, Mortlake Independent Chapel 1751-52, 1869-1888, Mortlake 1599-1865, Newdigate 1559-1865, Norwood (Lower) Independent Chapel 1821-1837, Nutfield 1558-1866, Ockham 1568-1865, Ockley 1539-1865, Oakwood 1696-1865, Oxted 1603-1865, Peperharow 1698-1865, Petersham 1577-1865, Pirbright 1574-1941, Puttenham 1562-1865, Pyrford 1665-1865, Quaker 1659-1840 & 1865, Ranmore 1861-1865, Redhill Philanthropic Chapel 1886-1927, Redhill (Reigate) 1843-1866, Reigate 1561-1865, Reigate Workhouse 1836-1866, Richmond 1583-1865, Roehampton 1864-1865, Ripley 1742-1865, Sanderstead 1567-1875, Seale 1538-2005, Send 1587 1653-1865, Shackleford 1865, Shalford 1559-1870, Shere 1546-1865, Shirley 1836-1866, Shottermill 1846-1865, St Martha 1780-1900, St Thomas on The Bourne 1875-1967, Staines (Ex Middlesex) Workhouse 1538-1706, Stoke D'abernon 1619-1865, Stoke Next Guildford 1662-1865, Sutton 1636-1865, Tandridge 1695-1865, Tatsfield 1691-1870, Thames Ditton 1663-1865, Thorpe St Mary 1653-1865, Thursley 1613-1871, Tilford 1858-1865, Titsey 1586-1842, Upper Norwood 1841-1865, Virginia Water 1839-1865, Walton on The Hill 1631-1866, Walton on Thames 1639-1865, Wanborough 1591-1664 & 1861-1902, Warlingham 1666-1866, West Clandon 1536-1875, Westcott 1852-1875, Westend 1842-1865, West Horsley 1600-1865, West Molesey 1729-1865, Weybridge 1625-1865, Weybridge R.C. 1846-74, Whyteleafe 1867-1939, Wimbledon 1593-1865, Windlesham 1695-1865, Wisley 1657-1876, Witley 1653-1865, Woking St Peter 1653-1865, Woking St John 1842-1865, Woldingham 1765-1867, Wonersh 1539-1865, Woodmansterne 1566-1866, Worplesdon 1570-1878, Wotton 1596-1881, Wrecclesham 1840-1865, Wyke 1848-1865

Supplied by: West Surrey Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: WSY-CD10

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Wilsden St. Matthew's Parish Church - Transcriptions of Parish Registers and Monumental Inscriptions

Physical: £ 10.00
   + P&P
Download: £ 8.00

Wilsden St. Matthew's Parish Church - Transcriptions of Parish Registers and Monumental Inscriptions - Click for large image

Published March 2010

This fully searchable CD-ROM, which is also available as a Downloadble PDF file, brings together transcriptions of Wilsden St. Matthew's Parish Registers and the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard, which have been supplemented, when possible, by earlier recordings if the memorial inscriptions are no longer evident.

It includes
A brief history of the Church
Transcriptions of the Baptism Registers (1826-1931) *
Transcriptions of the Banns register (1901-1916)
Transcriptions of the Marriage Registers (full: 1826-1837, and names & dates only: 1837-1935) *
Transcriptions of the Burial registers (1827-1985) *
Monumental inscriptions & site location
Help with Adobe Reader

* This CD has a greater date range coverage than in the booklets and fiche
previously published by this Society. Since the original transcriptions were made, some of the graves have been cleared and can be seen more clearly, whilst others have become further overgrown. As ever, diligent care is always taken by individuals transcribing the monuments and records, in sometimes very difficult conditions.
There is now a free download on our website containing some revisions and additions for St Matthew’s. These need to be used in conjunction with the original CD, with all changes being marked in red.

A surname search facility is available under "Publications" on the Society web-site showing how many times and over what time span a particular surname appears.

To purchase the CD-ROM, click the "Physical" shopping cart.
To purchase the downloadable PDF file, click the "Download" shopping cart.

Supplied by: Bradford Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM

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