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Facsimile pages of the first 10 volumes of The Hampshire Family Historian on DVD-ROM and surname indexes to individual issues up to Volume 29

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Hampshire Genealogical Society

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Hampshire Family Historian on DVD-ROM

Facsimile images of the first ten volumes of our quarterly journal.

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£ 6.50
   + P&P
Scanned images of the first ten volumes of our quarterly journal, January 1974 - February 1984. These pages are images of the original journals. Because of their age and condition, not all text is recognised as such, so searching for keywords in Acrobat Reader may or may not be successful. An index of surnames appearing in articles is given at the end. This disk requires a computer with a DVD drive.

Supplied by: Hampshire Genealogical Society
Format: DVD
Ref: HAM-33001

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