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This page lists all of our data discs that are relevant to the Lancashire area

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Lancashire Catholic Wills 1492-1894 - Click for large image

This is a valuable finding aid for those researchers with Catholic ancestors in Lancashire. It contains names which appear in the wills of persons reputed to be Catholics. Over 4,000 wills are included and the Index shows the names of nearly 50,000 testators, beneficiaries, family members and witnesses. In addition, wherever possible, the reputed Roman Catholic status of the testators and others has been confirmed by reference to other sources such as parish registers and Returns of Papists, which are also noted in the Index

The wills relating to this index, which covers the whole County of Lancashire, are kept in the Lancashire Record Office, Bow Lane, Preston. Those from the area North of the Ribble were registered at the Archdeaconry of Richmond and those from South of the Ribble at the Archdeaconry of Chester


Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: CAT-D-006

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Lancashire Registers Volume 1 - Click for large image

The Roman Catholic Register of Wrightington Hall (later St Joseph's)

  • Baptisms 1795-1879
  • Confirmations 1813-1876
  • Banns 1854-1889
  • Marriages 1795-1852
  • Deaths 1806-1879
  • First Communicants 1851-1889

The Registers of Standish Hall (later St Marie's)

  • Baptisms 1742-1885
  • Marriages 1743-1839
  • Burials 1770-1889

Wrightington and Standish are two Lancashire villages about 2 miles apart, in a county which was perhaps the centre of English Catholicism following the Reformation and in which Bishop Leyburn confirmed 8,900 Catholics in 1687. Originally farming communities, they became more industrial during the development of the Lancashire coalfield.

Wrightington Hall was the seat of the Dicconson family from the middle of the 17th century; it inherited the manor by marrying into the Wrightington family. Despite being predominantly Catholic the family managed to maintain its estates from the penal laws. As was often the case with Catholic gentry the hall chapel served the local Catholic community. The chapel continued in use until succeeded by St Joseph's in 1894.

In a similar fashion Standish Hall became a centre for its local Catholic community. The original hall was probably built in the late 16th century but was rebuilt with a larger chapel in the mid 18th century, which continued in public use until 1884. The mission was succeeded by the church of St Marie of the Annunciation.

Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: CAT-D-010

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St Wilfrid with St Mary, Preston, Lancashire - Click for large image

St Wilfrid with St Mary RC Parish, Preston, Lancashire

  • Baptisms: 1768-1803 and 1813-1899
  • Marriages: 1769-1803, 1813-1829 and 1836-1899
  • Death/Burials: 1768-1803, 1817-1854 and 1891-1915

The Jesuits served the Preston Mission from at least 1701 and possibly earlier from 1685, first in an older chapel, then in a newly built St Mary's, on Friargate, from 1761. Preston Catholics used this chapel for over thirty years. By the late 1780s, St Mary's had become too small for the congregation and was closed and used as a warehouse when St Wilfrid's Church was constructed off Fishergate, opening in 1793. Later in the nineteenth century St Wilfrid's was extended and substantially renovated both inside and out. This is the church we see today.

Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: DVD
Ref: CAT-D-011

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