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Headley Miscellany, Volume 6

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Contents ? Extract from Headley 1066?1966, the Final section; Charlie Payne of Wey Valley Farm, Standford, 1901?1992; Mystery Mugs; Grayshott in the 1870s; Counting heads in Headley, the first two censuses in 1841 and 1851; Index of Items in Volumes 1?6

We end the serialisation of Canon Tudor Jones's book Headley 1066-1966 in this issue with his observations on the First Parish Council and on the thirty years immediately prior to his publication. He himself concludes with a number of short appendices in which he covers topics as diverse as water mills and the expenses in running a lime kiln.

Denis Payne, who now lives in Wales, has written an account of the life of his father Charlie and his own recollections of life in Standford at Wey Valley Farm where the family ran a dairy business from 1934 to 1976. As well as running the business, Charlie was a member of Headley Parish Council in the 1950s and 60s, including a period as chairman, and also a very acceptable lay preacher in local churches and chapels.

Out of the blue, Mike Powell sent us an e-mail to say that he had transcribed the contents of an old exercise book in which his grandfather Ernest had written down his experiences on coming to Grayshott in 1871. Even more interesting, his grandfather's mother was none other than Esther Clark who was the very first schoolteacher at Grayshott School. The result is an article which gives a rare insight into life during the early days of Grayshott's development, before it left the parish of Headley.

Finally, my own contribution to this issue is an extended note about my transcription of the Headley censuses of 1841 and 1851, and some of the conclusions I drew from it. Since doing this initial work, I and colleagues in the Headley Society have completed transcriptions of all the other available censuses up to and including that of 1901. Supplied by John Owen Smith

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