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Headley Miscellany, Volume 5

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Headley Miscellany, Volume 5 - Click for large image
Contents - Headley 1066-1966, a Miscellany, Mr Laverty; William Cobbett's experience in Headley, November 1822, taken from his 'Rural Rides'; Local map of 1776; Extract from the diary of Mabel Hussey, Aug 1940?Jul 1941, a long-serving teacher at the Holme School; Perambulation of the Bounds of Headley Parish in 1890 and the solution of a 'knotty point' at Ogmoor; Wood engravings & Lithographs of Headley in the 1960s.

In this issue the serialisation of Canon Tudor Jones's Headley 1066-1966 arrives at his own Miscellany section. We also cover his entries on the Fauntleroy family one of whom (Henry in 1824) was the last man in this country to be hanged for forgery, and on William Cobbett and his visit to Headley two years earlier in 1822. Mostly, he concentrates on the time of Wallis Hay Laverty who was a long-serving rector of this parish, 1872-1928, well-remembered even today.

Following the story of Cobbett?s visit to the village, we include a short article which discusses the course he may have taken to get from here to Thursley by way of Hindhead, and publish a map from 1776 which has its own interest as well as helping us to visualise Cobbett?s route.

Joyce Stevens has passed us the diary of Mabel Hussey who taught for many years at the Holme school, and we have extracted from it entries showing some of the issues encountered in the village between August 1940 and July 1941 at the beginning of the Second World War.

We no longer beat the bounds of the Parish, or at least have not done so for many years (which parish boundary would we choose?) but up to a hundred years ago the exercise was done at regular intervals. There were occasionally disagreements as to where the boundary ought to go, as in the ?treading? of 1890 which we publish here, along with a letter of explanation from a Civil Engineer requested by, inevitably, Mr Laverty.

Sue Allden was given some wood engravings and lithographs of Headley in the 1960s, made by the late Norman Wilson, and she has made these available to the Headley Society for their use. We reproduce the pictures in miniature on the end page. Full size copies of each may be bought from the Society. Supplied by John Owen Smith

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