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Headley Miscellany, Volume 4

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Headley Miscellany, Volume 4 - Click for large image
Contents - Headley 1066-1966, The Holme School; "Hartie", Harriett Rowswell, 1879-1965, born in Arford; Hollywater and Standford during the 1950s; Memories of Moor House Farm between the Wars; Early Days at Mellow Farm, 1950s

The serialisation of Canon Tudor Jones?s Headley 1066-1966 in this issue covers his fascinating chapter on the Holme School and other early examples of education in the parish.

We conclude the experiences of Myra Treharne (nee Pedrick) during her time in the area. Here she contrasts her experiences in Hollywater with those in the more salubrious surroundings of Headley Park and Headley Wood which she told us of previously.

Another e-mail correspondent from abroad, Cherry Forray of Seattle, tells us of the grandmother, ?Hartie? Harnett, who was born in Arford in 1879 when her father worked as a gardener for Mrs Elizabeth Windus of Arford House.

And we end up with two different views of farming in the north of the parish: from ?Eddie? Morgan who lived at Moor House Farm between the wars, and from David Hadfield who still farms at neighbouring Mellow Farm today. Supplied by John Owen Smith

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