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Headley Miscellany, Volume 3

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Contents - Headley 1066-1966, Chapters 5 to 8; Inventory of The Wheatsheaf, 1864; A Scandal in Wishanger, 1876; The Canadians in Headley ? 1943; Headley Park & Headley Wood, 1945?49; The Pageant of Headley, 1951; Notes on Headley written in 1975.

This issue is a true miscellany, containing articles from home and abroad, from contributors and from the archives, and ranging in content from personal tales to issues of a wider perspective. Such is the heady mix of historical information which we receive, and which we hope finds a suitable outlet in these pages.

We continue the serialisation of Canon Tudor Jones's Headley 1066-1966, which in this issue reaches more or less the half-way point, and we complete the 2-part series on the Fort Garry Horse Regiment's stay here during the last war, as recorded in their War Diary.

Myra Treharne (nee Pedrick) tells us of her time serving the McAndrew family at Headley Park and Headley Wood in the late 1940s.

I have used information from Joyce Stevens, Margaret Gauntlett (nee Smith) and others to piece together a short illustrated article on the 1951 Pageant of Headley.

One sheet in a bundle sent to us by Mrs Fry of Tilford when clearing out some family papers with her brother Graham West enables us to bid a sad 'farewell' to The Wheatsheaf, finally demolished this year, by showing an inventory of its goods and stock in 1864.

And finally, we include yet another fascinating article originating from e-mail correspondence from the other side of the world, as Pat Lawson introduces us to the secret of the Scandal in Wishanger, 1876. This all stemmed from a request by Pat for information on the origin of the name 'Wishanger' which they had found in family papers in New Zealand. It's a small world. Supplied by John Owen Smith

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