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Headley Miscellany, Volume 2

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Headley Miscellany, Volume 2 - Click for large image
Contents - Water Mills; Alderbed Dispute 1806; Henry Knight; Headley 1066-1966 Chaps 3 & 4; Matthew Triggs & 1830 Riots; Indenture 1862; Piggott Descendant Returns; Fort Garry Horse 1942; Fullers Vale Pond.

If there is any theme running through this second volume of the Headley Miscellany, it would seem to be water and adversity. This is entirely appropriate, as while the copy was being compiled we were reported to be having the worst floods in the country for fifty years - but the choice of material was accidental.

Along with contributions from well-established residents of Headley, we are glad to include in this issue two articles which show the bonds between the parish and the world around us.

During the summer this year, we were glad to receive a visit from Gordon Crossley, archivist of the Fort Garry Horse Regiment in Winnipeg, Canada. His was the regiment which came twice to Headley during the Second World War, and therefore holds a special place in our affections. He later sent a transcript of the regiment's War Diary for the periods during which they were in the parish. With his permission, we include extracts for the first period of their posting here (April-Aug 1942) and will continue with extracts from the second period (Feb-June 1943) in the next issue.

Out of the many requests for information that we receive from people worldwide whose ancestors came from the parish, the correspondence with Trevor Henshaw about his Piggott line has been particularly interesting. Descended from a Richard Piggott who emigrated to Australia in 1849, Trevor and his family have recently re-emigrated back to England. He therefore took the opportunity to visit Headley and trace some of his roots. His report is included here under the title, 'A Piggott Descendant Returns.' Supplied by John Owen Smith

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