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Rutland and the Great War

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A high quality hardback edition of George Phillips' seminal work, recording the biographies of Rutland's fallen in the First World War. First published in 1920, this second edition has been created by the Lord Lieutenant of Rutland's Committee for First World War Commemoration, as a limited edition to mark the centenary of the Great War.
This edition is more than a simple reprint - it uses the original text, pictures and illustrations, all of which have been adjusted and enhanced where possible to create a fine and appropriate tribute to those who lost their lives in the First World War. The book contains the biographies of all of those who were known to have died when the book was published, together with details of the efforts made in support of the war throughout the County of Rutland.
BIOGRAPHY OF MAJOR-GENERAL LORD RANKSBOROUGH, C.B., C.V.O. (Lord Lieutenant of Rutland) and JOHN EDWARD CORBY, Esq., HIGH SHERIFF OF RUTLAND 1916-19 ~ RUTLAND AND THE GREAT WAR–A GENERAL REVIEW Situation of Rutland—Its claim to distinction—The outbreak of War—The Territorials—Leicestershire Yeomanry The Reservists—The Regiments in which Rutland men fought—Our men in the Navy and Mercantile Marine Where our men fought and died—Our men in the Air Force—Rutland men from the Colonies—The toll of the war on the male population—An analysis of each parish—Why we got so little information from the front—The meaning of modern warfare—The first Battle of Ypres—The fine action of the Leicestershire Yeomanry at the second Battle of Ypres—The 5th Leicesters—Mechanical transport difficulties in Mesopotamia in 1916—From Jerusalem to Jericho ~ VISIT TO THE BATTLEFIELDS OF BELGIUM ~ BIOGRAPHIES OF THE FALLEN ~ THE SCOTT FAMILY OF SOLDIER SONS ~ ROLLS OF FALLEN HEROES AND ROLLS OF HONOUR ~ RUTLAND VOLUNTEER TRAINING CORPS ~ RUTLAND SPECIAL CONSTABLES ~ RUTLAND A.S.C. MOTOR TRANSPORT ~ UPPINGHAM SCHOOL WAR RECORD ~ OAKHAM SCHOOL WAR RECORD ~ WOMEN’S WORK ON THE LAND ~ AGRICULTURE AND FOOD PRODUCTION ~ RED CROSS AND V.A.D. HOSPITAL WORK ~ PATRIOTIC EFFORTS - The War Savings Campaign — Queen Mary’s Needlework Guild—National Egg Collection ~ THE RUTLAND WAR PENSIONS COMMITTEE AND ITS WORK ~ THE COTTESMORE HUNT AND THE WAR ~ THE KING OF THE BELGIANS’ STABLES IN OAKHAM ~ HONOURS, DISTINCTIONS, AND RECOGNITION OF SERVICES ~ LOCAL WAR MEMORIALS

Supplied by: Rutland County Museum
Format: Book
Ref: RCM-1001

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