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Tracing Your Air Force Ancestors - A Guide for Family Historians by Phil Tomaselli Second Edition

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In this fully revised Second Edition, Phil Tomaselli explains which records survive, where they can be found and how they can help in your research.

Each era in air force history is described, from the pioneering days of early aviation and the formation of the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War to the creation of the Royal Air Force, its operations during the Second World War and its post-war development.

*Revised and updated Second Edition
*Comprehensive guide to tracing the careers of Air Force men and women
*Covers the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Air Force and the Fleet Air Arm
*Features records that have recently been put online
*Explains Air Force Organisations and Unit Histories

Paperback published in 2014 by Pen and Sword

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Format: Book
Ref: SNG-6471

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