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Castle Eaton parish registers

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Castle Eaton parish registers - Click for large image
Transcripts of baptisms from parish registers and bishops transcripts, 1549 to 1837, indexed. A4 paperback, 58 pages.
This transcript is also available as an eDownload (see below) and with other parishes on CMB 37, either as a CD-ROM or as an e-download. See page 1 for details

Download Details:

This eDownload version of the transcript is presented as a public domain format (pdf) file which can be read by the program Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other program that will read pdf files.
Navigation is based on the table of contents and page numbers. Scroll down to the relevant section and browse from there. Searching can also be undertaken by using the built in Adobe Reader search facility.
The file contents can be copied, printed and annotated. The only restriction is that the file cannot be changed.
As with any transcript users are advised to consult the original material, which is at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre – www.wshc.eu.
Please inform Wiltshire FHS of any errors, omissions or queries. Do this by writing to Wiltshire FHS Publications, Unit 3, Bath Road Business Centre, Devizes SN10 1XA or emailing [email protected]

Supplied by: Wiltshire Family History Society
Format: Book
Ref: WIL-B471

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