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Buckinghamshire Muster Book 1673

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Musters were periodic assessments of the availability of local militia to act as a defence force when needed. To some extent the system was an outdated remnant of the feudal system where local lords had their own armies, which they provided for the king when required. This volume is a transcription of the Muster Book of the County of Buckinghamshire, 'being an exact accompt of all the trayned forces horse and foot of the said Countie as they were mustered in the month of May 1673 by Joseph Rawson, Muster Master General of the said Countie'. It included the names and dwellings of the Deputy Lieutenants of the County, the names of those commanding a Company or Troop together with the names of their respective officers, the estates or parishes within each Troop, the name(s) of the finders (those who provided a man or men), and the names of the soldiers. In some cases the man's weapon (musket or pike) is also included.

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