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NEW EXPANDED EDITION 2019 - The Family Trees of Hercules and Peter Stanley

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From about 1710 to about 1910, from primarily Hampshire and Berkshire. Compiled by Anne-Marie Ford. A4, 20 pages.

This updated and expanded edition of The Family Trees of Hercules and Peter Stanley reflects finds from the many new family history sources that have become available since its first publication by the RTFHS in 2013. The author Anne-Marie Ford, a widely recognised expert on the Romany Gypsy Stanley family, has been able to add new branches and individuals to the original trees through her continued dedicated research and discoveries both in archives and in online databases, making it a must for anyone tracing the Stanleys and associated families.

Before the author began her pioneering study of the Stanleys, almost all that had been written about the family concentrated on their lives in the USA, following a 19th century exodus from Britain. In this book the author has corrected the imbalance by – quite literally – taking the Stanleys back to their origins in Southern England.

This volume focuses on the Stanleys in their home territories of Berkshire and Hampshire. Also published by the RTFHS and available from GENfair is a companion volume - The Family Trees of Paul & Peter, Richard & Owen Stanley. This follows the family as they move further west into the counties of Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

Supplied by: Romany and Traveller Family History Society
Format: Book

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