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Hampshire Parish Registers, Volume I.

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Hampshire Parish Registers, Volume I. - Click for large image
Hampshire Parish Registers, Volume I.
Published 1899.
Contains Transcripts of Marriage Registers for the following Parishes and years.
Penton Mewsey 1649-1812,
Knight's Enham 1683-1812,
Monxton 1716-1812,
Hurstbourne Tarrant 1546-1812,
St. Mary Bourne 1663-1812,
Hurstbourne Priors 1604-1812,
Bullington 1755-1812,
Tufton 1754-1812,
Bramley 1580-1812,
Dummer 1541-1812,
Steventon 1604-1812,
Deane 1679-1812,
Wootton St. Lawrence 1560-1812.
Cliddesden 1636-1812.
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Supplied by: Anguline Research Archives
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Ref: ARA-620

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