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Catholic Ancestor Volume 11 Number 5 / September 2007

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  • Restoration Of The Brindle Monument At St. Mary's Wigan
  • Revenge For Peterloo: Thomas Eadsforth's Diary Continued
  • Childhood Conversions
  • Oral Family History
  • Torphichen Family & Preceptory, And The Order Of St. John
  • A Project To Index Pre-1837 English Catholics
  • A Titanic Story
  • The Wilcox And De Capitain Family Of Swynnerton, Staffordshire
  • From Cahaignes To Keynes - Via Keens, Caines, Kaynes, Etc

Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: Edelivery
Ref: CAT-CA-115

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