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List of Parish Registers & Other Works

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By F.A. Crisp.
Published in 1908.
This book contains listings of names which appear in the various transcriptions carried out by F.A. Crisp.
They include parish registers from 15 different counties; Berkshire - Catholic Registers of Ufton Court and Woolhampton. Buckinghamshire - Catholic Registers of Weston-Underwood. Denighshire - Registers of Kegidog, alias St. George, near Abergele. Essex - Registers of Beaumont. Registers of Bobbingworth. Registers of St Leonard's, Colchester. Registers of Fyfield. Registers of Greensted, near Ongar. Registers of Lambourne. Registers of Moreton. Registers of Moze. Registers of Ongar. Registers of Stapleford Tawney. Registers of Stifford. Sepulchral Memorials of Bobbingworth. Gloucestershire - Registers of Berkley. Registers of Kemsford. Registers of Marshfield. Hereford - Registers of Fownhope. Kent - Registers of Birchington. Registers of the French Church at Dover. Leicestershire - Registers of Newton-Linford. Lincolnshire - Registers of Irby-upon-Humber. Registers of Stubton. Middlesex - Registers of Staines. Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard of St. Olave's, Jewry. Somersetshire Wills (6 volumes). Suffolk - Registers of Brundish. Registers of Carlton. Registers of Chillesford. Registers of Culpho. Registers of Elloh. Registers of Frostenden. Registers of St. Peter's, Ipswich. Registers of Kelsale. Registers of Lowestoft. Registers of Pakenham. Registers of Tannington. Monumental Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard of Ellough. Calendar of Wiils at Ipswich, 1444-1600. "Liber Admissionum", Seckord Grammar School at Woodbridge, 1662-1865. Marriage Licence Bonds in the Suffolk Archdeaconry register at Ipswich, 1663-1750. Marriage Licences from the Official Note Books of the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, deposited at the Ipswich Probate Court. Surrey - Catholic Registers of Woburn-Lodge and Weybridge. Warwickshire - Baptisms in the Private Chapel of Sir William Sheldon of Weston in the parish of Long Compton, 1763-84. Worcestershire - Registers of Cropthorne. Catholic Registers of the City of Worcester. Visitation of England & Wales. Notes to the Visitation of England & Wales. Visitation of Ireland.
A section listing the names etc. found in the four volumes of the "Family of Crispe".
The final section entitled Fragmenta Genealogica volumes 1-12, includes lists of names from bibles, grants of arms, letters, marriages licences, marriage settlements and various other sources. Useful for local and family history research.
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