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The Catholic Record Society Miscellanea IX.

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The Catholic Record Society Miscellanea IX. - Click for large image
One of a series of books containing a variety of records from various counties.
Published in 1914.
Miscellanea IX includes Fr. Robert Persons, S.J.-Annals of the English College at Seville, with Accounts of other Foundations at Valladolid, St Lucar, Lisbon and St Omers. Registers of the English Poor Clare Nuns at Gravelines, with Notes of Foundations at Aire, Dunkirk and Rouen, 1608-1837. The English Benedictine Nuns of Brussels and Winchester, 1598-1856. Two Rosary Confraternity Lists at Bornhem and in the North of England. Catholic Registers of Capheaton, Northumberland, 1769-85. Catholic Registers of Biddleston Hall, Northumberland, 1767-1840. Catholic Registers of Pyewell House Lymington, Hants. 1805-40 and Rook Cliff, Milford-on-Sea, Hants. 1813-15.Catholic Registers of Marriages, Baptisms and Reconcilliations by the Rev. Monox Hervey 1729-56. Official Documents Supplimenting Rev. Monox Hervey's Registers 1745-46.
Also includes an index.
Machine Searchable.
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