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Turnpike Roads Statutes 1822-23 & 27

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Turnpike Roads Statutes 1822-23 & 27 - Click for large image
Statutes included - George IV. Cap. CXXVI [6th August 182George IV. Cap. XCV [19th July 1823]. George IV. Cap. XXIV [14th June 1827].
Acts of Parliament setting out the general laws regulating Turnpike roads in England.
These Acts lay down the various rules governing a variety of subject including the construction of wagon wheels, weight of carts, tolls and penalties for avoiding toll gates and much more besides.
Useful for both family and local historians.
A digital version of the original book, in PDF format.
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Supplied by: Anguline Research Archives
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: ARA-251

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