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The Great Sheffield Flood

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The Great Sheffield Flood - Click for large image
By Samuel Harrison. Published in 1864. A complete history of the Great Flood of Sheffield on March 11 and 12, 1864; being a true and original narritive, from authentic sources. Includes official lists of the dead and missing (giving the names, ages and residences of the victims, when and where they were found, and where interred. Also includes the official returns showing the number of buildings and houses destroyed and injured (damaged) in each locality. Also includes Mr. Rawlinson's report to government on the causes of the flood and a full report of the inquest. Plus many illustrations. Useful for the local and family historian. Machine Searchable. A digital version of the original book, in PDF format. Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Supplied by: Anguline Research Archives
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Ref: ARA-585

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