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The Craven District Household Almanac 1928 & 1932

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The Craven District Household Almanac 1928 & 1932 - Click for large image
Covering the Craven area of the West Riding of Yorkshire - the town of Skipton and surrounding villages.
These almanacs are a mine of information, containing listings of tradesmen, residents, public officials, churches and chapels, schools, societies and institutes, local events, obituaries and many other useful snippets of information so valuable for the local and family historian.
Accompanied by fascinating display advertisements and photographic illustrations. (Note - Does not include the maps originally bound in the book).
Over 1200 pages of information.
Full of names of people.
Very useful for family history and local history research.
Machine Searchable.
A digital version of the original book, in PDF format.
Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Supplied by: Anguline Research Archives
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: ARA-64

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