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The Catholic Record Society Miscellanea IV.

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The Catholic Record Society Miscellanea IV. - Click for large image
One of a series of books containing a variety of records from various counties.
Published in 1907.

Miscellanea IV includes Father Person's Memoirs. Lord Burghley's Map of Lancashire, 1590. Tower Bills 1595-1681. Catholic Chaplaincies and Families in the North During the 18th Century. Family Notes of the Knights of Lincolnshire. Documents at Everingham. Catholic Registers of Holme-on-Spalding-Moor E.R. York, 1744-1840. Catholic Registers of Robert Hall, 1757-1811 and of Hornby, 1811-1851. The Nuns of the Institute of Mary at York. Papist Returns for the City of York and part of the Ainsty 1735. Catholic Registers of York Bar Convent Chapel, 1771-1826. Catholic Registers of the Domestic Chapel of the Vaughan Family at Courtfield in the Parish of Welsh Bicknor, Monmouthshire, 1773-1832. Inscriptions from Middleton Hall Chapel, Ilkley, Yorkshire. Father John Birkett, Confessor in Lancashire Castle, and the recent discovery of documents 1679-1680.
Also includes an index.

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Supplied by: Anguline Research Archives
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