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Tonbridge School Register 1826 to 1910

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Tonbridge School Register 1826 to 1910 - Click for large image
Edited by H.E. Steed.
Published in 1911.
The register of Tonbridge school from 1826 to 1910 includes lists of exhibitioners etc. previous to 1826 and of headmasters and secondmasters.
In addition to excellent biographical details of its former pupils the register contains listings of those pupils who have obtained scholarships to Oxford and Cambridge universities since 1860.

Plus - Tonbridge School Register 1847 to 1926.
With a list of Head Masters and Second Masters from the foundation of the school and an introduction by H.A.L. Rudd, O.T. Edited by H.E. Steed.
Published in 1927.
This updated edition brings the Register another sixteen years further forward and includes particulars of those Tonbridgians who took part in the Great War.
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