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Cale Green School Log-Book, 1891 - 1908

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Cale Green School Log-Book, 1891 - 1908 - Click for large image
The School Diary or Log-Book of Cale Green British School, Stockport. (Later became a Council School.)
Covering the period January 1891 to December 1908.
This Log-Book contains the weekly entries which specify the progress, and other facts concerning the school or its teachers.
Such as the dates of withdrawals, commencements of duty, cautions, illness, etc, which may be required to be referred to at a future time, or may otherwise deserve to be recorded.
It also records the summaries of the Inspectors Reports and any remarks made by the Education Department, when communicating to the managers.
Includes the names of the Teachers and Pupil Teachers.
Useful for local and family history research.
A digital version of the original hand-written book, supplied on a single DVD in PDF format.
Viewable on any computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Supplied by: Anguline Research Archives
Ref: ARA-581

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