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Catholic Ancestor Volume 04 Number 5 / June 1993

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  • 1 In 25,000 - Mary Marzagora The Story Of A Convict And Her Family
  • Linton-on-Ouse, Yorkshire
  • Genealogy And Priest-Holes
  • The One You Really Ought To Talk To
  • The Mansion, Nympsfield
  • Memorials Of Mr Sargeant Bellasis 1800-1873: Genealogical Notes
  • Assisted Catholic Emigrants From Cambridgeshire To Australia 1840-1879
  • The Marriage Act Of 1753
  • Names Of Pilgrims In The Salford Diocesan Pilgrimage To Lourdes 1925
  • Return Of Papists And Dissenters In Cheshire Hundreds 1678-1679
  • The Laity's And Catholic Directories
  • Review: Short Cuts In Family History
  • Review: Illustrated History Of The Catholic Churches In The Diocese Of Plymouth

Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: Edelivery
Ref: CAT-CA-045

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