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Catholic Ancestor Volume 12 Number 2 / August 2008

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  • Britain's Nineteenth Century Catholic Almshouses
  • Catholic Marriages 1754-1836: Religious Observance And Legal Conformity
  • Catholics And Nonjurors In The 1723 Loyalty Oath Rolls Of The City of London
  • When The Last Rites Became A Civil Right: The Burials Act Of 1880
  • Italian Catholics In London
  • The Journey To Find My Catholic Ancestors
  • Loitering In London
  • Dowsley-Browsing! Some Pleasures And Pitfalls Of My Family History Research
  • Pantasaph, North Wales: De Capitain, Langdon and Champ Family
  • A Rather Special Jacobite

Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: Edelivery
Ref: CAT-CA-122

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