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1891 Census Index Collection

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1891 Census Index Collection - Click for large image
Compiled from the following B&AFHS CDs:

  • 1891 Census Volume 1. Bedminster, St Philip & St Jacob
  • 1891 Census Volume 2. Barton Regis, Bristol North & East Suburbs
  • 1891 Census Volumes 3 & 4. Bath, North Avon & Clutton Registration District
The census index CDs listed above have been assembled into a (reduced price) "single CD collection", identical in every respect to the original CDs. For parish coverage, please refer to the corresponding CDs shown elsewhere on this webpage. Just to be clear, customers purchasing this item will receive one CD.

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Supplied by: Bristol and Avon Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: BST- BACD23

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