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Crime and Punishment Volume 1

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Contains references to Lincolnshire men joining the Metropolitan Police Service, starting in 1824 Sources include service and pension, plus miscellaneous records.
The Hue and Cry Police Gazette for the years 1830, 1838, 1839, 1877, 1879 & 1884. This paper was used by the police, army and other authorities, searching for criminals, deserters and other miscreants. Full descriptions of those being sought are usually given.
The Register for Lincoln Gaol 1808-1843. Details of name, age, birthplace, description, date of committal, crime and sentence, are given. In PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6 or above needed. A free download is available at www.adobe.com

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Supplied by: Lincolnshire Family History Society
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Ref: LIN-051C

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