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Lincolnshire Military Records Volume 1

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Originally published on microfiche, the CD contains the following:
Militia Ballot Lists Kesteven 1824: These cover villages in the Wapentakes of Aveland, Beltisloe, Langoe, Loveden, Ness and Winnibriggs, & Threo, plus the Boroughs of Grantham and Stamford. The lists give the name, occupation, age and any infirmity or exemption of men aged 18 to 45, for each village. Some lists may not have all of this info.
Royal South Lincolshire Militia c 1800-1845: Sometimes dated, sometimes not, these lists give details of officers and men in various companies. Includes full descriptions of the men, their home parish, and parish for which they served as substitutes, when they died, deserted or joined the regular army. Many men on the lists are not from Lincolnshire. The lists cover Kesteven, Holland and Lincoln City.
Lincolnshire Volunteer Infantry: Details of these pay lists, dates 1795, 1803-1806, & 1813, are taken from documents at The National Archives,and cover Lindsey, Kesteven, and Holland. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or above needed (not supplied on the CD.) A free download available at www.adobe.com

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Supplied by: Lincolnshire Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: LIN-050C

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