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NBI - National Burial Index Third Edition

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This easy to use product allows you to search on the largest collection of burial records available to UK researchers with well over 18 million records taken from Anglican parish; non-conformist; Quaker; Roman Catholic and cemetery burial registers throughout England and Wales.

The detailed information supplied depends on the original records which may include:
*Forename and Surnames
*Date of burial (from 1538 - 2008)
*Details of place where the event was recorded; pre-1832 county
*The recording society, group or individual

This product was created in collaboration with a large number of societies and volunteers and produced by The Federation of Family History Societies.

No Monumental Inscriptions or details of death registrations are included. This is an ongoing project and not all burials will be found in the index, so you may like to check for coverage before purchase.

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: SNG-5888

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