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Lincolnshire War Memorials Vol. 4 Horncastle Area Part 1

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This CD includes the following parishes: Baumber, Belchford, Benniworth, Bucknall, Coningsby, Dalderby, East Barkwith, Edlington, Fulletby, Gautby, Hagworthingham, Haltham on Bain, Hameringham, Hatton, Hemingby, High Toynton, Horncastle, Horsington, Kirkby on Bain, Kirkstead, Langton by Wragby, Lusby, Mareham le Fen, Minting, Revesby, Roughton, Scamblesby, Scrivelsby, Somerby, Tattershall Thorpe, Tattershall, Tetford, Thimbleby, West Ashby, West Barkwith, West Torrington, Wilksby, Woodhall, Wragby. Included is a brief biography for those who died, and a number of photographs of individual servicemen and women. The CD is in PDF format, and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or above, (not supplied on CD.) Go to www.adobe.com for a free download.

Supplied by: Lincolnshire Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: LIN-040C

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