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Asians, Australians, Mideasterners and Africans from the 1870 Census

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Extracted from the original records of the National Archives Series M593, this U.S. federal census index contains 74,565 entries for Asians, Australians, Africans and Mideast immigrants. A total of 60,658 entries from China far exceeds any other Asian country. The African continent has 2,060 entries, while Australians account for 660 entries, and the Mideast produced 280 immigrant families listed in 1870.

Indexed names include heads of household and any person with a different surname than the head. Information details Surname, Given Name, Age, Sex, Race, Birthplace, Locality and County, along with Film Number and Page Reference. Search Software included: search any data field with powerful, easy to use search software contained in this CD-ROM.

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