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Royal Navy Ships at Sea and in Ports Abroad in the 1871 Census

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Census entries giving details on crew Name, Rank, Condition (married or single), Age and Place of Birth. Covers piece numbers RG10/5779-5785.
Vessels Included:
Adventure, Algernine, Antelope, Avon, Barrosa, Basilisk, Beacon, Blanche, Boxer, Bristol, Bullfinch, Cadmas, Calidonia, Chanticleer, Cherub, Cockatrice, Cockchafer, Columbine, Cossack, Cracker, Crocodile, Danae, Defence, Dove, Dryad, Dwarf, Eclipse, Egmont, Elk, Enterprize, Fawn, Firm, Flora, Fly, Forte, Frances, Gladiator, Grasshopper, Growler, Hibernia, Hornet, Icarus, Immortalite, Jaseur, Juno, Lapwing, Lee, Leren, Lord Warden, Lynt, Magpie, Malabar, Midge, Minstrel, Myronidou, Narcissus, Industry, Invincible, Newport, Nimble, Niobe, Nymphe, Ocean, Opossum, Pandora, Pert, Philomel, Pigeon, Plover, Prince Consort, Princess Charlotte, Pylades, Raccoon, Rapid, Rattlesnake, Rinaldo, Ringdove, Rocket, Rosario, Royal Alfred, Royal Oak, Royalist, Salamis, Charybidis, Galatea.

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