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Yorkshire, Sheffield 1787 Trade Directory

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Stepping Stones CD publication.

Contents of the Sheffield 1787 Trade Directory

Trades Section - 48 pages, arranged in sections by trade, all to do with the steel industry, eg: Anvil manufacturers, metal buttons, files, founders, pocket knives, razors, scissors, sickles, table knives, etc. Alphabetical Names Section - 36 pages, an alphabetical list of the principal tradesmen and inhabitants of Sheffield, includes all trades (not just the steel related ones!) Carriers, etc. - 9 pages, lists coaches going in and out of Sheffield, with places to/from and times. Also a 9 page list of subscribers. The images are in black and white BMP (bitmap) format, compatible with nearly all computers, PC/Mac/Linux and many older systems (Atari/Amiga/etc.) too. You can open them in just about any picture viewing or editing software for browsing/printing as required.

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: SNG-4888

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