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Lancashire Catholic Wills 1492-1894

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Lancashire Catholic Wills 1492-1894 - Click for large image

This is a valuable finding aid for those researchers with Catholic ancestors in Lancashire. It contains names which appear in the wills of persons reputed to be Catholics. Over 4,000 wills are included and the Index shows the names of nearly 50,000 testators, beneficiaries, family members and witnesses. In addition, wherever possible, the reputed Roman Catholic status of the testators and others has been confirmed by reference to other sources such as parish registers and Returns of Papists, which are also noted in the Index

The wills relating to this index, which covers the whole County of Lancashire, are kept in the Lancashire Record Office, Bow Lane, Preston. Those from the area North of the Ribble were registered at the Archdeaconry of Richmond and those from South of the Ribble at the Archdeaconry of Chester


Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: CAT-D-006

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