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Scholemoor Cemetery, Bradford - Memorial Inscriptions

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Scholemoor Cemetery, Bradford - Memorial Inscriptions - Click for large image

Published October 2009

This CD-ROM, which is also available as a Downloadble PDF file, contains a brief history of the cemetery (the first municipal cemetery opened in Bradford, after the Bradford Cemetery Company private burial ground at Undercliffe) and transcriptions of all readable Gentile, Jewish and Muslim memorial inscriptions in the cemetery as follows:-

Interment memorials 1860-1994
Crematorium and Columbarium memorials 1905-2005, and
Garden of Remembrance memorials 1969-2009

The CD-ROM also contains maps showing the areas transcribed and several photographs.

Over 18,500 memorials have been recorded with an estimate of over 90,000 people mentioned therein, several from places outside Bradford including overseas. Many refer to deaths during the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

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Supplied by: Bradford Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM

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