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Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers

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2nd edition (1995). Described as 'the most useful single reference work for those tracing ancestry', the main section of the atlas contains maps showing the pre-1832 parish boundaries, colour-coded probate jurisdictions, the starting dates of the surviving registers, and the position of churches and chapels where relevant. And facing each 'parish' map is a topographical map, showing the contemporary road system and other local features. The index section lists all the parishes in each county, indicating the present whereabouts of originals and copies, and whether or not a parish is included in local marriage indexes and the IGI. This second edition is fully revised and updated, and has been extended to cover Scotland as well as England and Wales. 306 pages (A4 hardback)

Supplied by: Family History Society of Cheshire, The
Format: Booklet
Ref: CHS-B100

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