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Glamorgan Quakers

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A unique collection of records from the archives of the South Wales meetings of the Society of Friends.

The CD contains Births from 1699, Marriages from 1698, Members list from 1838, Burials and Burial grounds from 1693 and 1800, Certificates of removal and Acknowledgements from 1763, Quakers who were active in Glamorgan, a list dating from 1654 and a short summary of the \'Sufferings\', the earliest date being 1660.

The transcriptions have been taken from registers that are deposited in the Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff which are available for viewing by telephone appointment. Our thanks go to Alan Davies, Honorary Archivist of the South Wales Religious Society of Friends for his help and permission to publish these registers.

Typical example of \'Sufferings\' 3m 1805, James LEWIS Trosnant MON, demand for tithes 12/6, charges 10/-, claimant William HARRIS tithe farmer, William HARRIS constable, warrant signed by Thomas HOUGHTON and Hanbury DAVIES, taken bacon to the value of