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Dictionary of Old Trades, Titles and Occupations

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By Colin Waters. In our own time the world of work has changed enormously, and some of the once familiar names and terms have fallen into disuse only to be understood with the help of a dictionary. For instance, did you know that a scrivener was a professional record keeper who drew up bonds, a scriever marked the position of parts of the framework of a ship, and a screever wrote letters for those who could not write themselves? And who now knows what buddle boys, claquers, dobbers, hokey pokey men, rogue spotters and sperviters are? This excellent dictionary explains the function of nearly 4000 old trades, titles and occupations, and contains over 70 illustrations. It s a comprehensive reference book that is sure to be a much-used companion to all those interested in family, social and local history. 254 pages (A5)

Supplied by: Family History Society of Cheshire, The
Format: Booklet
Ref: CHS-B135

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