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Village History Series Volume 1 - Henbury

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To celebrate the Millennium, members of the Henbury Society, together with a number of local residents and under the leadership of Dr. Peter Wells, began to research the history of Henbury. Their work was completed and lead to the publication in 2003, under the editorship of Francis Graham-Smith, of the book, Henbury, a History of a Village.

Due to the considerable amount of material that came to light during the publication of the book, the Henbury Society decided to archive everything, with the help of the Cheshire Records Office. Much of this archive has been digitally reproduced in cooperation with the Family History Society of Cheshire and appears on this CD publication together with numerous photographs and historical Henbury Deeds which have been kindly made available for transcription by the John Rylands Library, Manchester as well as those that were held privately.

The publication also contains a list of Henbury Wills, the Hearth Tax, Henbury Censuses and Tithe Appointments, all painstakingly trancsribed by Henbury Society members and others.

Supplied by: Family History Society of Cheshire, The
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: CHS-D055

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