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Heaton Baptist Highgate Cemetery

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Heaton Baptist Highgate Cemetery - Click for large image

Published February 2009

This CD-ROM contains background information about the cemetery, transcriptions of the registers (containing about 8,700 entries) and monumental inscriptions, together with plans of the graveyard. In addition, the data from the transcriptions of the registers has been electronically sorted in order to produce a form of grave listing to show who probably lies in which grave. Now available as pdf download

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NEW FREE Supplement Download May 2015

Heaton Baptist Highgate Cemetery, Bradford
Supplement: Early graves

The Early Graves Register which was missing when we worked on the 2008 project has appeared and its transcription forms the basis of this supplement.
It contains:
• Over 1500 entries, dated between 1824 and 1958
• Entries include name, date of burial, age at death & a grave plot reference of column/row
• Every entry with a complete grave plot reference has been sorted into grave order, creating a ‘grave book’
• The plan of the plots has been created which also shows which graves have monumental inscriptions.
• It is a fully searchable pdf file.
• We recommend that you use Adobe Reader to facilitate access to its functionality.
As this is a supplement to an existing publication, it is being made freely available as a Download, on our website.

Supplied by: Bradford Family History Society
Format: CD-ROM

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