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Wiltshire Machine Breakers Volume II: The Rioters & Appendices

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this volume gives information on all those people tried before the special commission of assize, which opened at salisbury in december 1830. it gives details of the offence, sentence, any petition sent on their behalf, and in many cases family information, including baptism, brothers & sisters, marriage, death & children. for those who were transported additional information includes, hulk record, conduct record, description, ticket of leave, and pardon. there is also a chapter on 'miscellaneous rioters', who were tried either before or after the special assize. the appendices include the causes & consequences of the riots as reported to the poor law commission in 1834, letters & depositions, claims for rewards for the capture of rioters, details of rioters found in the 1835 census of tisbury & wardour, the voyages of the transport ships, transcripts of letters written to thomas vinen, who was transported from tisbury, and the muster rolls for the wiltshire yeomanry cavalry for 1830-1831. cd-rom 1088 pages

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Format: CD-ROM
Ref: MBN-18

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