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Quaker Schools - Ackworth, The Mount, Bootham

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Ackworth Scholars - List of the Boys and Girls admitted into Ackworth School 1879 - 1930, giving year of admission, year of leaving and residence; The Mount School, York - List of Teachers and Scholars 1784 - 1814 and 1831 - 1906. giving residence, year of entry, year of leaving and, in many instances, who they married. Some hand-written notes have been added, by a previous owner of this book, giving additional marriage information; Bootham School, York - This is the official magazine of Bootham School and the Old York Scholars Association. Includes a list of the boys registered, minutes of meetings and accounts of sporting events. There is also a list of Births, Marriages and Deaths of some former scholars. The three books on this CD are machine searchable

Supplied by: Yorkshire Ancestors
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: YAN-GW079

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