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Written C.1906, this book gives a historical account of some of the most noble families in England, including: Fitzroy, Bentinck, North, Russell, Churchill, Howard, Coke, Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, Cecil, Fane, Pelham-Clinton, Digby, Manners, Herbert, Sackville-West, Scott, Paget, Fitzwilliam, Bathurst, Osborne, Manners-Sutton, Parker, Stanhope, Montagu, Lennox, Nevill, Cavendish, Seymour, Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Percy, Amherst, Hobart, Addington, Conyngham, Finch, Lowther, Grosvenor, Beresford, Beauclerk, Wodehouse, Legge, Bligh, Tollemach, Campbell, Spencer, Bute-Stuart, Stewart-Murray, Courtenay, Ashley-Cooper, Powlett, Yorke, Bridgeman, Grey, Loftus, Ward, Villiers, Greville, Perceval, Gore, Nelson, Duncombe, Heathcote, Stanley, Talbot, Fitzmaurice, Dalrymple, Somerset, Wyndham, Dundas, Boyle, Herbert, Trench, Pratt, Ryder, Eden, Thynne, Vane, Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas, Walpole, Erskine, Vernon, Grey, Bruce, Agar-Ellis, Hamilton, Neville, Butler, Campbell, St.Maur, Sidney, Fitzgerald, Molyneux and Wellesley

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