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World War I Army Ancestry

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World War I Army Ancestry - Click for large image
Fourth edition. By Norman Holding, revised and updated by Iain Swinnerton. 104 pages. ISBN 1-86006-179-6
Anyone who served in the First World War 1914-18 ("The Great War") mst now be over a hundred years old, and one of the most costly wars in history, in terms of soldiers' lives, is now passing rapidly into the realms of family history and genealogy. For those who wish to record a history of their ancestors' war experiences, it is almost too late, but this book sets out to provide reearchers with a list of sources available to them so that they may reconstruct the career of a soldier. The contents are mainly concerned with army NCOs and private soldiers; officers, being somewhat easier to deal with, are not considered except in passing.

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