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The War Illustrated (22 August 1914-13 February 1915)

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PHOTOGRAPHS AND ARTICLES FROM WW1. A picture record of events by land, sea and air. A series of large weekly publications from 22nd August 1914 ro 13th February 1915. There are 26 parts to volume 1, all full of fascinating photographs of the war in Europe as well as the effects of the war at home in England. Reports for example, of a Zeppelin attack in Norfolk, and the shelling of Scarborough by a German warship, together with photographs of local people and the damage caused. The volume also contains information on the part played by Canadians and Australians in the war, again with lots of photographs. FULLY SEARCHABLE IN ADOBE ACROBAT, 2,277 ILLUSTRATIONS!

Supplied by: Archive CD Books Ltd
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: ACB-GB0967

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