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Annals of Glasgow (1816)

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These two volumes on one CD cover the history of Glasgow in 370 until 1816. It has chapters on the rise and progress of the city including chapters on the magistrates and law, religions influence and structure, public buildings, charities, hospitals, societies, schools, regiments, riots, fires, construction and destruction, as well as tales of the city. Unusually it has lots of handwritten notes on cover pages, naming people such as the chief importers of tobacco, members of the literary society and more, which were added in 1850. Most importantly it lists by name Hammermen, Tailors, Cordiners, Maltmen, Weavers, Baxters, Skinners, Wrights, Coopers, Fleshers, Masons, Gardeners, Barbers Dyers and Bonnetmakers. It even lists the price of bread! A great way to learn more about your ancestors and the life they lived. Essential reading for those with Glasgow ancestors.

Supplied by: Archive CD Books Ltd
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: ACB-GB1098

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