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Nottinghamshire Old Books - Volume 1

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Several smaller books on one CD. Mostly historical ,and photographs of old Nottingham, etc.

As the Years Have Passed By in Nottingham: 130 pages - (Undated, but 1918 or earlier). A simple and concise history of Nottingham, with many photographs, and drawings of Nottingham streets in Victorian times. Includes a lovely picture of the windmills on The Forest (of which there were thirteen!).
Nottingham in the Days of Dick Turpin (1724): Excellent. Transcripts of contemporary documents, letters, etc. of the period relating to this famous highwayman and his activities.
The Turnpike Roads of Nottinghamshire: The development of roads in Nottinghamshire.
Nottinghamshire Notable Events 869-1938 (1934): A short calendar of major events in the city's history
Guide to Nottingham Castle (1878): Contains wonderful illustrations of the old and new castles, and surroundings. Lots of local illustrated advertisements.
Historical Handbook to Nottingham Castle: (undated, but probably c 1880) "The only Complete History Ever Published". Includes Mortimer's Hole, Wars of the Roses, The Civil War and the castle's destruction, rebuilding by the Duke of Newcastle, the burning of the castle by a mob in 1831, and the rebuilding to make it Nottingham's Art Museum in 1878. Some illustrations.
Links with Old Nottingham: 60 photographic illustrations with notes. (1924) This is a really excellent book!

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