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Wonderful London (St John Adcock)

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Published in the 1920s in three large volumes with, literally, hundreds of superb photographs of all aspects of London life. Rich or poor, old or young, the slums and palaces, there are even some which are captioned 'a view of xxxx from an exciting new vantage point' (an aeroplane!!). The text matches the quality of the images and is wonderfully evocative. It is quite sad to realise that very little of what we can see in this book remains standing today due to slum clearance, war-time bombing and the inexorable march of 'progress'. Top quality grey-scale scans preserve the fine detail of the images. The set is issued on three CDs, one volume per CD, with the complete index on each.

Supplied by: Archive CD Books Ltd
Format: CD-ROM
Ref: ACB-GB0912

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